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GION was born in Okayama, Japan.  He developed his most important photographic techniques, “communication” and “story” through background as a theatrical director in Tokyo. 


Based in New York since 1993, GION currently resides in Williamsburg Brooklyn, where he found this neighbor as his photographic subject, and created his books such as “Riverside Story”, “Riverside Story 2” and currently working on a new project “Domino Sugar Factory”.  GION specializes in portraits and architectural photography for editorial and commercial fields.  His fine art work also includes collaborations with artists such as The Barnstormers and Noritaka Tatehana.



2011 Riverside Story 2

2008 The Barns by the Barnstormers  

2007 SHAFT Doze Green/David Ellis 

2001 Riverside Story 



Artemide, Asian/Pacific/American Institute, Associated Press, Kaikai Kiki, Paramount Pictures, Vornado Realty Trust, Goto Design, Blue Medium, Clouds Architecture Office, Architecture Work Office, Issey Miyake, BS-TBS,

Dentsu Inc, Hakuhodo Inc, Vogue, GQ, Elle Decor, CASA Brutus, Brutus, Departures, Numero, Goethe & Mass Appeal. 

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